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We switched over to XWall and XWALLFilter some time ago after using Symantec Mail Security. Set up was simple and configuration out of the box stopped more spam than the previous product. Maintenance of our anti-spam system has gone from over an hour every day with many false positives, random unexplained false negatives and upset users to a few minutes every month with no false positives and no spam. Excellent solution for quarter the price - our users are delighted and the boss is happy.
-- Brian Beck, Director of I.T., The American Ireland Fund
New XWall and XWALLFilter for Exchange Releases
February 5, 2019

Dataenter has released a new version of XWall and Lakewood has released new versions of XWALLFilter for Exchange 2013, 2016 and 2019...
worrall on February 04 2019 22:11:44 · Read More · 190 Reads · Print
Latest Product Versions
XWall 3.55
XWALLFilter for Exchange 2003 2.0.7696.927
XWALLFilter for Exchange 2007 3.0.762.1559
XWALLFilter for Exchange 2010
XWALLFilter for Exchange 2013 5.1.1178.973
XWALLFilter for Exchange 2016 6.0.396.816
XWALLFilter for Exchange 2019
POPBeamer 3.60
worrall on February 04 2019 22:01:20
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XWALLFilter bundle protects your users against spam and malware with UNLIMITED user licensing and no monthly per-user fees
September 1, 2016

Microsoft has announced that it will stop generating updates for the SmartScreen spam filters in all Exchange and Outlook versions...
worrall on September 01 2016 23:54:13
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Multi-year support discounts
December 11, 2011

Lakewood is now offering discounts for purchase of multi-year support agreements.

Please see our Purchase site for additional information.
worrall on December 11 2011 15:54:19
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Premium Support Offerings
December 11, 2011

Lakewood has added premium support options for XWALLFilter that include 1-year of telephone and remote support for XWall.
worrall on December 11 2011 15:44:22
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Latest Product Versions
XWALLFilter bundle p...
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